Brave New Food Investments invests in GRO, accelerating the transition to a circular food system.

27 September 2021

Bilthoven (Utrecht), September 27th 2021 – Brave New Food (BNF) Investments announced that it is investing in GRO, a circular and sustainable food venture. At the center of the deal is the oyster mushroom, grown in the nursery with coffee grounds collected from wholesale partner companies. 

Circular Supply Chain

The circularly-grown mushrooms are used in the production of versatile vegan, vegetarian and blended products including chips, bitterballen, croquettes and burgers. With their innovative circular approach, GRO has mastered a short and transparent supply chain. BNF Investments celebrates the sustainable initiative that is optimized to reduce the impact on the environment and believes GRO will guide the transition to a circular food system. With the capital provided, GRO will be able to meet their ambition to scale. 

“We are very excited to become part of the GRO journey. GRO succeeds in combining strong branding with an in-depth circular solution for food waste while delivering a plant-based range of excellent products. We strongly believe in the team of Jan-Willem and Wouter and we will support them wherever we can,” Jesse ‘t Lam, co-founder of BNF Investments, expressed. 

Smart Capital for Innovative Food Ventures

BNF Investments provides smart capital to next generation food ventures. GRO adds to a growing portfolio of sustainable companies focused on accelerating the food solutions of the future. BNF Investments is uniquely linked to Brave New Food, a European food innovation platform. Brave New Food connects a thriving community of innovative startups and scale-ups to 30+ valuable partners ranging from food corporates to investors and knowledge partners. With the backing of the platform, BNF Investments connects ventures to broader markets, networks and expertise while providing funding to scale.

“GRO focuses on increasing sustainability in the menus of restaurants, catering and at home by encouraging less meat consumption and more circularity. There is a solid foundation and GRO is ready for the future. That’s why the partnership with Brave New Food Investments comes at the right moment, as with their knowledge, expertise and network we will be able to scale quicker and make sustainable menus the new norm,” Wouter Muis, Commercial Director of GRO, emphasized. 

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